I consider myself as an accidental entrepreneur who went on creating tech ventures and now proudly walks as a Serial Entrepreneur (if that’s still a thing). I have been building businesses from scratch since 2012 and to date have founded & closely affiliated with three separate successful tech startups – all of which serves a global market.

For the better part of my entrepreneurial journey, I have been doing most of the things alone. That is where this whole idea of exploring the new buzzword ‘Solopreneurship’ came into my mind. To explore the solopreneurship, I started Host My Blog in 2015 & served 100s of bloggers with various technical services and enjoying my role as a WordPress Consultant.

My current passion is RunCloud – a SaaS simplifying Server Management. I am spearheading this venture along with my 3 partners based in Malaysia.

In my current role as a Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Product – I oversee all the Branding, Marketing & Product Strategies and keeping it all synced with our overall Business Strategy.

I am committed to helping the site owners, developers & entrepreneurs take their software application to the next level through the power of harnessing cloud technologies.

“Hope is a good thing. maybe the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies.” – The Shawshank Redemption