If you are using a Genesis Theme then you can quickly update the default “Search this website…” text in the Search bar field.


To update go to Appearance – Editor & add the below code [right at the bottom] to your functions.php file.

/* Change search bar field text */

function search_bar_text( $text ) {

return ( 'Custom search text goes here...');


add_filter( 'genesis_search_text', 'search_bar_text' );

In the above code a function is created with an arguement & executed against the Genesis filter genesis_search_text.

Replace “Custom search text goes here…” with your own text.


Recently a lot of Food Bloggers have signed up with Host My Blog for various services like Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, Theme Customization, Annual WordPress Maintenance etc.. So, they can simply replace “Custom search text goes here…” with “Search recipes here…


P.S: I have personally tested the above code on few Genesis Child Themes.

Written by Rajendra Zore

Rediscovering Possibilities as an Entrepreneur. Love WordPress & started Host My Blog for Bloggers. Current CEO at ética studio. Passionate Brand Strategist & Marketer.

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