GST is a trending topic today in India. However, this trending topic is not a short live keyword or hashtag, unlike others. It is going to be an integral part of our daily life. So, what is GST and GST impact on Indian Bloggers?

The only thing that I’m confident about the term GST is…it’s full form i.e The Goods & Services Tax. I tried learning more about it & it’s always a bit confusing to understand where I stand with it & how it impacts me as an individual?!

Then one day on 15th June’17 I received an email from one of our Host My Blog client in which she shared this article published on Hubco about How GST will impact the bloggers in India – Impact of GST Registration on Blogging

At Host My Blog, any news or articles concerning bloggers, we take them seriously & try to learn more about the facts to later share it with the bloggers. I read the post but honestly, I again got confused. I shared the article on the HMB Group, Twitter & other channels. The kind of response we got was full of questions & disturbance among the bloggers.

I decided to connect with the Post Author Mr. Paras Mehra, who is also the Co-founder of Hubco to learn more about GST impact on Indian Bloggers, well it is a vast topic to understand on a few min call…so I requested him to feature on our newly launched Twitter Chat viz #HMBTalk. He promptly agreed & gave a very positive response in order to help the bloggers & others who are looking for more insights on GST.

Please join us on our very first #HMBTalk on Twitter. More information in the image below:


GST impact on Indian Bloggers

After discussing with the bloggers & our guest, we have listed down 6 questions to summarize the entire topic to understand GST impact on Indian Bloggers. We will be asking following questions to our guest:

  1. What is GST?
  2. I am a blogger and my earning is mostly ad revenue which is less than 20 lakh in a year. Do I have to register under GST?
  3. What we need to do after GST Registration i.e. compliance, return filing etc?
  4. How can we decide whether our income is an export of services?
  5. What is a composition scheme and whether we can avail the benefit?
  6. I am already filing taxes as a professional with my consolidated income and blogging income? Is it not enough? How is it different from GST?

Drop your questions in the comment below, if we miss out during the chat, we will try & get them answered here.

Lastly, please help us share the word about #HMBTalk among the bloggers, startups & others who are interested in the topic.

Written by Rajendra Zore

Rediscovering Possibilities as an Entrepreneur. Love WordPress & started Host My Blog for Bloggers. Current CEO at ética studio. Passionate Brand Strategist & Marketer.

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